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Smithson Valley High School Announces Latest Guinea Pig in Technology!

We've done it again folks - lead a naive victim into the depths of cyber-learning at their own expense! Little did we think it would be one of the members of our most respected English department that would dive into that "black hole".

Who exactly is Ann Alexander?

Some say she's just a mild-mannered mother of two brilliant kids, while others have been heard calling her a raving lunatic. Our reporters tried to get to the bottom of her character in this two-part article.

Ann's view: I realized that as a single mom of two who were soon leaving me to start their own adult lives that I finally had a chance to do something I've always wanted to do, teach the teachers. Since I really love the "techie toys," I chose Educational Technology for my area of interest. It also really bothered me on a personal level when I didn't get an interview for an area Instruction Integration Specialist opening because I didn't have a master's degree, so why not up my chances for the next time? I am always integrating technology into my lesson plans and have students that are successful on their TAKS tests and produce wonderful research projects. I am also very proud of the amount of success my PreAP sophomores have in AP English classes later in high school. I like to think working in a high school of 2200 students and having approximately 170 students of my own each year has set me up to be a seasoned "teacher to the teachers." So far I haven't had anyone walk out during my presentation of Patti Wooten materials or SmartBoard training sessions. I'm really excited to have a chance to learn what is necessary to be a craftsman instead of someone with enough knowledge to be "dangerous."

A student's view: You know, I like Miss Alexander, but the first time I met her, she scared me. She was like, so excited about what she was doing that I thought she was wacko. She isn't into anything with "bling," unless you can get her to agree that vocabulary has "bling" - she always calls it diction. One day, while we were writing and she really wanted us to make her "feel" what we were writing, she asked this one kid, who was writing about a dance to get up and do the dance. Well, he wouldn't do it, so she started dancing like what he wrote and it was pretty funny, but not very good. Then the rest of us started adding details about the dance and it was like, really funny, but it almost looked like she knew how to dance. I see her at church too, and at all the choir, band, and drama things. It seems like when I see her at church, she's always sitting with a parent. Makes us kids nervous - you never know what she's talking about. She also was the bowling team sponsor and that was pretty cool, that we had a bowling team. So I guess Miss Alexander is ok, even though she's a teacher.

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June, 2005

 Ann Alexander - 2005

Success in TAKS scores doesn't necessarily equate to having common sense!
Our very own PreAP Eng. II and Eng. III teacher, Ann Alexander, proved that although she can teach her students what they need to know, she can't teach herself to be prudent in her own choices. Ann recently signed up for graduate studies at the University of Texas at Brownsville. She will be targeting Educational Technology as her degree program. Her son, Sean, was seen outside their home pulling his hair out of his head while screaming "what in the heck was she thinking?" Rangers, of course, will be supporting Ms. Alexander, even though some closer to her are speculative of her success.

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