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Project 4: Developing a Client Proposal
Ann Alexander

To University of Texas at Brownsville
School of Education

Proposal for Redesign of Educational Technology Website

Presented by Alexander Consulting
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Prepared by Ann Alexander, Alexander Consulting, August 11, 2005



Alexander Consulting has run an independent survey of the users of the Ed. Tech. Website servicing UT Brownsville. Based on the results of that survey and information given at the time of the RFP, Alexander Consulting has determined the factors necessary to implement into a


Based on a request for proposal submitted on behalf of the School of Education at UTB by Dr. Rene Corbeil, Alexander Consulting understands that the School of Education intends to redesign its Educational Technology Website. Based on the information presented in the Request for Proposal, it is understood that the School of Education wishes to engage a consulting firm to provide the following services:

    Develop a "state of the art" Website to promote the Online M.Ed. program in Educational Technology to a worldwide audience including
  • a Proposal for the redesign of the Website that addresses problems students have expressed concerning registration for online courses.
  • communication with faculty before, during and after implementation of new Website, and
  • obtaining feedback from students and faculty after redesign is completed, but before implementation.

After reviewing the current Website at, Alexander Consulting conducted its own survey of students and faculty regarding the site. This survey resulted in the following:

  1. Students stated they never saw a mission statement for the department and were therefore not initially attracted to the school based on its own promotion. (See George Washington University, Boise State University, and Texas Tech sites for examples)
  2. When directed to review the Admissions page, students stated that all section starting pages should have an introductory statement, not just a listing of links.
    Students wanted an overview of the admissions process (in checklist format) and felt confused when presented with so much unordered information.
  3. Students stated after visiting the registration group of pages that the site was not kept up to date and, as a result, was frustrating to use.
  4. Course page:
    New students were most frustrated when attempting to relate the program matrix to the courses offered. The matrix describes more classes than are described in the links following.
    Students also found it difficult to know where to look for classes - at the UTB link or the partnering institution sites and stated that information was also incomplete.
    Students would like the information regarding specific textbooks required for courses to be available at this site or through a direct link from this site.
  5. Students wanted other important information listed in the contacts page, such as, admissions for Ed. Tech. program, financial aid, and informational resources in addition to professors.
  6. Students thought it would have been valuable to find testimonials from current and past students when making their decision as to what institution to attend for their coursework.

The current Website is not fitting the needs of the department, students or school it serves based on the survey of students and the request for a redesigned site. All parties will benefit from a new design which addresses student concerns and utilizes current trends in web development resulting in attracting new students based on illustrating through the Website what students can expect to experience.

Alexander Consulting will meet with the web administration team from UTB to formulate new concepts, design, pilot test, launch, perform troubleshooting diagnostics, and train web administrators in the updating and use of the new Website.


Updating the design of the Ed. Tech Website will not only improve access to information for students and staff, but will also improve the image of the school. Alexander Consulting has a proven track record of increased productivity for all clients (see reference list included at end of document) and includes a satisfaction guarantee which includes a no payment option in the event a customer is not satisfied (said document to be supplied upon request or upon acceptance of proposal). As a result of the indicators from the survey conducted involving students and staff and the needs conveyed by the School of Education, Alexander Consulting has identified a series of criteria necessary for the success of this project, including:

  • developing a proactive, results-oriented mission statement for the Ed. Tech. program
  • developing summary statements for the individual page groups contained in the Website
  • incorporating a campus web administration team comprised of UTB staff and graduate students with the purpose of working side by side with Alexander Consulting during the design and development phase in order to assure the production of a site that meets the desired goals and to assure the future applicability of the site after this project is completed.
  • making the Website more user friendly, including but not limited to
    1. adding candid photos of staff, students and equipment;
    2. adding poignant, attractive graphics for pages;
    3. using CSS for consistency and accessibility;
    4. grouping and adding information for a complete "one space" concept for accessing related information;
    5. adding accessible features for ease of updating changing information;
    6. adding appropriate links to other sources of information necessary to students (financial aid, admissions, registration, portals to courses, forms, books for courses);
    7. adding testimonials from current and past students;
    8. adding links to tutoring sites for course content matter;
    9. and adding a link to a help desk providing answers to questions raised by users regarding the Ed. Tech. program.


The following represents proposed objectives with timelines for collecting information and developing it into appropriate forms for use within the Website. Alexander Consulting requests that a team from the School of Education knowledgeable of the Ed. Tech. Program be formed to work alongside Alexander Consulting. This team's purpose will be to assist Alexander Consulting in compiling and accessing information specific to the program and to be trained on Website maintenance, accessibility, and update procedures.

  1. Meet with representatives from the School of Education and Educational Technology staff to develop criteria for a proactive, results-oriented mission statement for the Ed. Tech. program. Develop various statements and meet again to choose or narrow down criteria for final statement selection. (3 days)
  2. Review and collect archived photos suitable for use/ get permission for use when required. (2 weeks)
  3. Establish help desk and training program to be staffed by graduate students/work study students. (2 weeks)
  4. Group and collect related data specific to (4 weeks)

    -Ed. Tech. Admissions;
    -Ed. Tech. Financial Aid;
    -Ed. Tech. Registration;
    -Ed. Tech. Courses (including elective programs, all campuses, books, instructors, additional fees, unique forms);
    -varying semester calendars;
    -Ed.Tech tutoring programs/Internet tutoring links;
    -All partnering institution class portals;
    -Ed. Tech. forms
  5. Poll current and former students regarding positive aspects of Ed. Tech. Programs, collect suitable quotes and obtain permission for use of same. (3 weeks)
  6. Develop uniform graphics, menus, navigation systems, and templates for pages. (2 weeks)
  7. Develop Website implementing data and designs compiled. (2 weeks)
  8. Launch pilot test site using test group comprised of UTB staff and students. (3 days)
  9. Implement necessary changes resulting from test results. (?1 week)
  10. Run second pilot test if necessary. (?)
  11. Launch new Website.


This proposal is limited to developing new materials, designs, templates, and access methods for the Educational Technology Website. Alexander Consulting will not be updating or redesigning any other department pages which link to or from the Ed. Tech Website. All innovations applied to the Ed. Tech. pages will function using existing operating systems at UTB. This proposal does not include maintaining information on the Website; it will be the responsibility of the Ed. Tech. department to keep personnel trained on the maintenance, accessibility, and update procedures as necessary.


  1. Educational Technology mission statement (3 days)
  2. Photo Gallery (2 weeks)
  3. Help desk capable of answering prospective/current student concerns or directing students to correct source for assistance. (2 weeks)
  4. Data organized by department, course, programs, etc. (4 weeks)
  5. Results of former and current student polls. (3 weeks)
  6. Representative samples of graphics, designs, navigation systems, and templates. (2 weeks)
  7. Storyboard presentation of proposed Website. (2 weeks)
  8. Pilot test results. (3 days)
  9. Changes resulting from pilot test. (?1 week)
  10. 2nd pilot test results. (? - not to exceed 2 days)
  11. Launch Website.


1. Meeting with School of Education, Ed. Tech. representatives and developing drafts/final mission statement $ 600.00
2. Sort and categorize photos appropriate photos $ 200.00
3. Develop and orient help desk, training program, and personnel $ 1,000.00
4. Compile, sort, generate department, course, program data $ 3,000.00
5. Poll and compile data (student testimonials) $ 500.00
6. Develop graphics, style sheets, navigation systems and appropriate presentation format $ 3,000.00
7. Apply data to Website design $ 2,000.00
8. Run Pilot test and analyze results $ 500.00
9. Implement changes and run subsequent Pilot tests   included
  Total Cost $ 10,800.00

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Expiration: The terms of this proposal expire 90 days from the date of receipt and are subject to renegotiation at that time, unless Alexander Consulting provides a formal extension.


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